Solutions for difficult-to-track wildlife

In this wide, flat case for mounting onto a pass-through camera trap, we are able to see the sensor array and interchangeable lens system.

We are creating AI-powered hardware and software tools for land managers. You can see our accessible, interchangeable lens system, that allows one device to function as a zoom or as a macro image capture. A smart camera with Infrared LEDs, a light meter, and LiDAR on a chip array offer low-power target detection.

Providing real-time dashboards with actionable field data. Maps, timeline data, and photos are interactive and download from the device automatically, linking through an “IoT” network to bring data back to you without expensive infrastructure.

Excel-compatible spreadsheets are created automatically by the smart camera.

Actual device data and pictures shown. The camera will reach out over their IoT network to populate an interactive user dashboard.
Graduate student researcher, Simon Kiacz, tests radio signals from inside wild macaw barrel boxes back to an ecotourism lodge.

End-to-end support services from field installations to data dashboards. This means smart camera data can travel from the device, through other nearby devices, back to your base of operations, without needing an outdoor WiFi network or expensive cellular data plans.