fDT Sites

Seattle | 2021-2023

Scattered across 50 backyards all over greater Seattle, using the Rev 0 prototype

The “Rev 0” chickadee nest box project was 2019 in Seattle. Re-deployed in Montana in 2020. Audubon Chapter volunteers helping to build 75 instrumented chickadee nest boxes in 2019. These devices were deployed in volunteer’s backyards in Seattle. This project was part of a Microsoft Hackathon project that also included AI identification of beaver from trail camera images.

costa rica site | 2021-2023

The “rev 0” first prototypes have been re-deployed in seven artificial nest boxes made for macaws in tropical dry forest in Bosque Escondido Costa Rica. The site goes from extremely hot and dry in the dry season to warm and very humid in the wet season, thereby stressing the equipment in two radically different ways. We are running these deployments to learn more about hardware survival in harsh climates as well as interview researchers as they deploy, recover, and work with SD card data. This will give us two field seasons of experience with the same team, to help pinpoint problems in field deployment, even though the data quality of this early prototype is limited.

Reimer Ranch County, Texas

Field testing at Reimer Ranch county park in Travis County, Texas. Permitted work in this wildland, riverine canyon landscape have been utilized to test device to device radio signaling across a variety of landscapes.