About Us

Meet the Founders

Douglas Bonham
Constance Woodman
Christopher Evelyn

Doug Bonham brings thirty years of technical design experience from the Seattle technology corridor, holding positions at Microsoft, including electronic engineer, software engineer, and researcher, plus fifteen years of designing custom scientific instruments for field biologists.

Entrepreneurial Lead on an NSF I-Corps and a researcher on an NSF PFI:AIR-TT related to using computer vision to track birds, Connie utilizes her design and rapid prototyping skills to bring ideas to life. Posses a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and trained at the Fischer Engineering Design Center.

Field biologist and professor Chris has practical experience in evaluating the use of technology for imperiled species surveys for government vs. private wildlife management needs to meet the needs of both parties. With a Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara in Evolution, Ecology, and Marine Biology, Chris has 13 publications related to species mapping and population management.

Company Structure

Field Data Technologies (FDT) is a Montana 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. FDT supports academic research, development and use of wireless smart devices. FDT develops and promotes technologies that detect, measure and analyze natural events in the field and transmit results to scientists, producers, students and educators. 

Field Data Services is a Montana (FDS) is for-profit business. FDS focuses on creating land manager solutions and turn-key consulting to enable land management decisions and choices for business owners.

Where FDT works to create open-source, non-profit, and academic partnerships, FDS focuses on business solutions and management data. The two sister companies allow us the most flexibility when going between academic research and business services spaces.

Media Coverage

Daily Interlake “Reimagined trail cameras capture tiny creatures to boost scientific research”

USDA News Bulletin “Success Spotlight: Monitoring Wildlife, Empowering Producers in Texas”

Texas A&M press release: “USDA grant to develop innovative wildlife monitoring system”

Funding Support and Partners